Our product range at a glance

Buffer tanks

Buffer tanks are central components of modern heating systems, for which primarily steel storage tanks (black storage tanks) are used.

They connect heat suppliers such as water-bearing chimneys or gas condensing boilers and heat consumers, such as fresh water stations and heating circuits. Thanks to the storage volume, the time between heat generation and heat demand can be bridged, especially for solid fuel boilers and solar thermal systems. The buffer tanks of unitec Energietechnik GmbH combine optimal flow behaviour, volume utilization and space on site. The PFS series can also be used to implement system separation when using solar thermal systems. In addition, the buffer tanks with the respective insulation achieve excellent holding loss values.


Combination tanks

Combination tanks are used for heating and distribution of drinking water and service water.

With a WP / WPS or Topsol you acquire Austrian quality products! The internally, made of high-quality stainless steel (V4a), boiler heats the required drinking water. In order to optimize the efficiency of your solar system, Topsol has
installed a stainless steel heat exchanger in front of the Boiler.

A buffer tank, in conjunction with the HelixTherm sanitary boiler made of spiral-corrugated stainless steel tubing, is a first-class stratified storage tank. Due to the built-in flow profile, the return flow is temperature-dependent. Due to the structure of the storage, the heat is used optimally.


Stainless steel tanks

Stainless steel tanks (V4a, C) ensure a reliable and hygienic hot water supply
in the long term.

The CWS series offers hot water storage tanks for the highest demands -
durable quality through high-quality V4a steel, processing by means of state-of-
the-art technology, surface treatment by full bath pickling and passivation, no protective anode necessary for corrosion protection and firmly welded, up to
the storage floor guided heat exchanger.

Stainless steel hot water heaters are used wherever hygienic hot water supply
is an issue.
Our WPX series meets the highest hygienic standards. Its homo-geneous surface is and remains perfect even after many years of use. Another advantage is that stainless steel storage tanks are virtually maintenance-free, unlike enamelled boilers.


Enamelled tanks

The EWS series is the economic answer to the question of the optimal tank for drinking water. Thanks to the high-quality enamelling according to DIN 4753, the EWS tanks combine longevity and hygiene.

The oxygen content, the dissolved salts and the temperature of the drinking water
affect the corrosion and thus the life of the tank.
Here enamelling prevents premature aging. In particular, the combination with an anode guarantees a long life.

Bacteria and other organisms do not find fertile ground on the vitreous enamel. In addition, neither the enamelling, nor the anode give off harmful components to the water. This is why the tanks of the EWS series are bacteriologically and hygienically flawless.

Unitec Energietechnik GmbH offers suitable tanks for every loading situation. With no, one or two heat exchangers and in different sizes, the enamelled hot water tanks EWS integrate optimally into almost any drinking water System.


Fresh water system

Fresh water charging

The electronically controlled fresh water modules ensure comfortable and hygienic hot water heating. In contrast to drinking water boilers, the hot water is not stored, but heated
if necessary by means of a plate heat exchanger.
The FRIWA-modules can be mounted directly on the buffer tank.

Charging stations get the energy from a buffer tank or directly from a heat generator. The integrated plate heat exchanger allows the heating of a drinking water storage tank. This system allows a large amount of hot water at
the desired time.



Cold can escape as well as heat. Thermal insulation ensures that our tanks do not lose energy. We apply our cold insulation to the memory precisely to ensure optimum insulation.



Whether thermometers, anodes, heating elements, radiators, immersion sleeves, flanges or much more - we supply the right accessories for every storage tank.