special water tanks

Special projects require special solutions!

It is not always possible to find the right product for a project among our many standard storage units.
Thanks to our experienced technicians, a solution can be found for almost every requirement!

Together we discuss the requirements and possibilities of optimization - while, of course, we always
keep the cost-benefit factor in mind!


Our services - in a short overview

  • competent consulting
  • tank volume of a few liters up to 225 m³
  • special container in steel and stainless steel
  • designs as cold and hot water tank
  • production as kit and on-site welding
  • insulation ex works or on site
  • polyester fiber fleece with PS-casing
  • mineral wool with aluminum-casing
  • PU-foam with aluminum-casing
  • Armaflex (with and without aluminum jacket)
  • quick note
  • transports are organized by us on request