special solutions

Special tanks

It is not always possible to find the right product for a pro-ject among our many standard storage units. Thanks to
our experienced technicians, a solution can be found for almost every requirement!
Together we discuss the requirements and possibilities of optimization - while, of course, we always keep the cost-benefit factor in mind!

Hydraulic switch

Hydraulic switches decouple generator and consumer circuits. If the points are too small, the pipe flows are deformed by turbulence in the hydraulic separator,
which has many negative effects.
Our patented
solution counteracts this problem.

Underground tank

For systems, that can not use efficient storage due to space limitations, unitec Energietechnik GmbH offers an alterna-tive with the underground storage tank. Due to the thermal insulation, a simple installation in the ground is possible, waterproof and pressure-stable. A special surface coating
of the insulation additionally protects the tank.
The man-
hole allows a walk-in cover as a control opening.

Heat recovery

Unused free available heat sources can be made usable by heat recovery! You can use the energy of the waste heat to heat your domestic hot water and / or your heating water. As a result, you need fewer other
more expensive sources of energy such as oil,
electricity, natural gas, etc.