Loading with photovoltaic

Generating electricity itself is becoming increasingly natural and popular.

A few years ago, electricity was the preferred source of electricity sales - with the current feed-in tariffs, people are returning to their own consumption. Battery systems are often unable to store all the energy they do not need and pass them on to the public grid. With our PV electric radiators it is now possible to turn this electricity directly into heat!

Together we develop innovative solutions and thus create the framework conditions for comprehensive and future-oriented projects!

Every situation needs the right solution!

Our PV heating elements are available in many different variants!


How to use

  • additional heating
  • recharge in adverse weather conditions
  • emergency heating in case of failure or malfunction of the heat generator
  • recharging when the outside temperatures are too low (with heat pump)
  • frost protection for unheated buildings
  • summer operation (if the heat generator does not have to run)

  • with temperature controller / limiter

  • optionally with power switching

  • optionally with integrated power protection, ON / OFF / AUTO switch and operating light

  • optimal sensor position

  • 15 cm unheated zone

  • deep surface load

Flow heater

For heating service and heating water, for installation in pipe systems
Made of stainless steel V2a, drinking water suitable
How to use

  • as additional heating
    frost protection for unheated buildings
  • as additional heating for solar photovoltaic
    energy storage, optimization of own electricity consumption
  • as additional heating for solar thermal
    recharge in adverse weather conditions
  • as additional heating for heat pump
    recharge at too low outside temperatures

  • for process water, the problem of "calcification" must be observed, this is location-dependent
  • min. inlet pressure 0.1 bar, max. inlet pressure 6.0 bar
  • including insulation made of Neopor, insulation thickness 20 mm
  • may not be used if
    • the water could be frozen in the water heater
    • there is no water in the water heater
    • no water flow is available

Ready-to-connect wall bracket

For high storage temperatures, legionella protection and storage of excess
PV current

How to use

The wall console can be easily attached to any conventional tank to generate energy efficient high temperature stratification.

  • can also be used as direct heating
  • for hygiene tanks with or without integrated solar heat exchanger
  • can be connected directly to the solar heat exchanger circuit
  • pre-wired pump and heater
  • ready for connection with two flexible oxygen-tight OXYban hoses

  • highly efficient tank loading
  • easy to install
  • no turbulence of temperature stratification
  • max. PV excess current storage
  • protection of legionella
  • Control possible via WLAN, LAN, Modbus-TCP or 0-10 V

Our water tanks can be coupled with all common heat generators!

Our water tanks are up to any requirement. Whatever your purpose for your project is - we will find the right solution.

Thanks to our many years of know-how, we can individually plan and deliver water tanks for every need in the shortest possible time.
The individual components are designed so that they can be put together according to individual requirements.

Business and industry require very different solutions than a single or multiple dwelling. We configure the perfect fit solution for every initial
situation - with perfectly coordinated components and well thought-out design in terms of efficiency and minimum raw material consumption.