KSP Series

Cold buffer tank

Cold buffer tanks are needed wherever cold or automatically generated refrigeration at a certain time at a certain place for a particular application on an industrial or technical scale must be reliably available.

Application areas are, for example air conditioning, process engineering or the food industry. This often involves the cooling of components, buildings, warehouses and products.

Due to the large volume flows in cooling circuits, good stratification and flow-optimized design are particularly important for the efficiency of the entire system. We can supply our cold buffer tanks factory insulated with fully bonded synthetic rubber insulation!

Energy tank

  • material S235JR
  • operating pressure 3,0 bar
  • test pressure 4,5 bar
  • 5 pcs. sleeves 1/2"
  • 8 pcs. connection sleeves
    for type 300 and 500
    2 pcs. elbow pipe above
    2 pcs. baffle plate below
    for type 700 and above
    4 pcs. elbow pipe



  • 19 mm synthetic rubber insulation
    ex works glued over the entire surface and diffusion-tight
    on the tank without aluminum casing
  • 100 mm polyester fiber fleece insulation with polystyrene
    casing optionally available


Cold buffer tank from stock
Some buffer tanks are also available in the cold version including rubber-insulation ex works.
KSP 700670 liter   drawing
KSP 800818 liter   drawing
KSP 1000969 liter   drawing
KSP 12501259 liter   drawing
KSP 15001450 liter   drawing
KSP 20001927 liter   drawing
   technical specifications
materialsteel S235JR
temperatures-10 up to 80 °C
coatingprimed on the outside, raw on the inside
operating / test pressure3,0 / 4,5 bar

Individually manufactured cold buffer tanks

With us you also get special tanks in refrigeration design!
The containers are made of steel (S235JR / P235GH) or stainless steel (V2a oder V4a).
In terms of the exterior casing, we can offer you several choices:

  • 1K zinc dust primer
  • 2K zinc dust primer without sandblasting
  • 2K zinc dust epoxy resin with sandblasting - according to AGI Q 151