Hydraulic switch


Hydraulic switches decouple generator and consumer circuits.

The dimensioning instructions of the VDMA standard sheet 24770 can be used for the design. Here, a ratio of pipe diameter to container diameter and size is given. In reality, when designing hydraulic switches, the local space conditions and the respective construction and follow-up costs must also be taken into account. This tension between function and economy was the impetus for a research project of the Chemnitz University of Technology.

  • significant improvement of the flow conditions
  • much lower unwanted mixing phenomena
  • noticeable increase in efficiency
  • advantageous, especially for large systems

Flow behavior

      designed according to VDMA

     designed according to patent


At low temperature differences, the smallest mixing has a dramatic effect!

If the switches are too small, the pipe flows are deformed by turbulences in the hydraulic switch.

The requirement of a safe supply with the planned target temperature can thus not be met. The insuf-ficient delta T leads to uneconomic operation, high clocking and a shorter life of the producers.

In order to optimize the flow behavior within the switch, the TU Chemnitz has developed and patented a novel chicane. The dimensions of a switch can be signifi-cantly reduced! Thus, cost savings in installation and technical room can be realized with scientifically proven functionality and the tension between
function and efficiency can be solved.

Application areas

The switch is particularly suitable for companies whose main task is the planning and construction of supply systems with water (high prevalence) or other heat or brine (liquids), such as

  • systems for heating
  • systems for cooling
  • small systems up to
  • very bis systems

Patent hydraulic switch: EP2649378
Patent owner TU Chemnitz
Licensee: unitec Energietechnik GmbH