heat recovery


Every company has a variety of processes that are not used efficiently. This concerns all unused, free available heat sources, which can be made usable by heat recovery!

You can use the energy of the waste heat to heat your domestic hot water and/or your heating water. As a result, you need fewer other, more expensive energy sources such as oil, electricity, natural gas...

The heat recovery systems consist of a buffer tank and internally or externally mounted heat exchangers. In the heat exchangers, the refrigerant
is completely or partially liquefied and transferres the released heat energy to the water.
Hot water is available after just a few minutes!

  • individually calculated and adapted to the system
  • with ammonia, water, brine, coolant,... possible
  • heat can be used for heating, drinking water,...

Why heat recovery?

Lower environmental impact

An important side effect of heat recovery is the lower burden on our environment. Due to the used waste heat of the
refrigerators significantly less polluting energy sources are needed.

Reduction of operating costs

Energy efficiency is on everyone's list - to operate the production more cost-effectively, to reduce dependence on
energy suppliers or simply to save money.
Use existing energy again? Sounds logical and it's easy!

Energy is already available

The generation of cold inevitably generates heat and a large amount of energy is needed. That means that you
have paid for the heat!
Through a heat recovery system these "leftovers" are returned to the circulation!

Application areas

- banks
- bakeries
- office buildings
- chemical industry
- airports
- gastronomy
- food factories

- super markets
- butchers
- dairies
- pharmaceutical industry
- slaughterhouses
- hospitals

Condensing heat exchangers

Each water tank is calculated specifically for its application - refrigerants, tempe-ratures, pressure, power, ... To meet these requirements, we manufacture our registers individually and made of high quality stainless steel.

The heat exchangers use the superheated heat of the refrigerant (approx. 55 °C)
for heating the process water, and then layer it to the condensation zone (depen-ding on the temperature of the refrigerant) into the heating zone of the water tank.

Due to the precise calculations, the efficiency of the entire system increases considerably and thus protects the individual components.

Upon delivery, the heat exchangers are sealed with schrader valves soldered
tight and filled with nitrogen.
When opening the pressure escapes and serves
as a control on any transport damage - so you are always on the safe side!


WRG buffer tank

WRG buffer tank
with integral boiler

WRG buffer tank
with Helix heat exchanger

WRG buffer tank
with freshwater station

Our water tanks are up to any requirement. Whatever the purpose for your project is - we will find the right solution.

Thanks to our many years of know-how, we can individually plan and deliver water tanks for every need in the shortest possible time.
The individual components are designed in ways, that they can be put together according to individual requirements.

Business and industry require very different solutions than a single or multiple dwelling. We configure the perfect solution for every initial
situation - with perfectly coordinated components and well thought-out designs in terms of efficiency and minimum raw material consumption.