fresh water station

Compact fresh water stations with plate heat exchangers


Fresh water stations only heat the service water when needed and thus do not store any drinking water. If necessary, the water is heated by means of a plate heat exchanger. The FRIWA-station can be mounted directly on the buffer tank. Thanks to the short distances, the FRIWA can react quickly to your hot water requirements.

The speed-controlled high-efficiency pumps (heating and optional circulation), combined with modern control technology and advanced sensors, ensure low power consumption and efficient use of energy from the buffer tank. The low return temperature not only promotes the efficiency of your solar system, but allows you to use the maximum storage tank with the largest possible amount of hot water.

If required, our FRIWA-stations can be installed in up to four cascades! Even large volume flows are easily feasible and incidentally, the reliability is significantly increased. They comply with the EUP / ERRP guidelines of 2015 and, of course,
the requirements of the Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV 2011).

  • instantaneous water heater principle ensures fresh hygienic hot water
  • high tapping capacity possible (for single and multi-family houses, sport facilities, ...)
  • low return temperatures
  • plug-in solution in an elegant insulation box



  • high-Efficiency pump
  • copper brazed plate exchanger
  • insulating shells (PS-E)
  • ultrasonic volume sensor
  • fast temp sensors
  • 4 shut-off valves


  • flammable sampling valves
  • highly efficient circulation pump
  • safety valve 10 bar

electronic control Resol

  • SD card adapter
  • V bus
  • optional BACnet
  • optional data logger
   typedrinking water temperatureflow temperature 60 °Cflow temperature 70 °C
FWS 3045 °C28 l/min67 kW36 l/min89 kW
60 °C--20 l/min69 kW
FWS 5045 °C50 l/min121 kW64 l/min155 kW
60 °C--37 l/min129 kW
FWS 7545 °C77 l/min187 kW88 l/min214 kW
60 °C--58 l/min200 kW
FWS 13045 °C123 l/min300 kW130 l/min316 kW
60 °C--94 l/min324 kW

FRIWA- storage tank


Hot water storage

  • material S235JR
  • operating pressure 3,0 bar
  • test pressure 4,5 bar
  • with layering devices
  • including a bracket for FRIWA
    which is built on the tank



  • 130 mm Polyester fiber fleece
    with polystyrene casing silver gray
FRIWA PFS 800798 liter
FRIWA PFS 1000980 liter
   technical specifications
materialsteel 235JR
coatingprimed on the outside, raw on the inside
operating / test pressure3,0 / 4,5 bar