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Insulation set for noozles

Schützt vor ungewolltem Energieverlust der nicht verwendeten Speicheranschlüsse.

Im Set enthalten: je 4 Isolierkappen 70 mm + 100 mm inkl. Kleberinge (Verschlussschrauben optional erhältlich).

Protects against unwanted energy loss

of unused tank ports.

Included in the set: 4 isolating caps 70 mm each

+ 100 mm incl. adhesive rings (locking screws optionally available)

For storage with insulation for free!

Screw-in heater V2a / Cronifer


Heat from electricity - 
as a peak cover or emergency heating
The design in stainless steel V2a is suitable
for heating water - from Cronifer, however,
also for drinking water.

Available from 2 to 9 kW.

Incolony flange radiator


When performance counts

The Incolony flange radiators are suitable for domestic and heating water and are available from 6 to 44 kW.

Heating element for photovoltaic

Own electricity brings heat

PV heating requires Special heating
Elements - available in many versions!


Ceramic flange heater


With ceramics against the lime

Due to the ceramic heating elements much
less limescale settles and it can be cleaned better at the same time. If the element is defective, it can be replaced from outside without emptying the tank!
Available from 6 to 36 kW.


Screw-in circulation


Always warm water immediately

If the faucet is too far away from the tank,
a circulation pipe is recommended.
The now cooler water is hereby returned
to the corrugated tube.




The temperature in view

We supply the Thermometer ready for
use including immersion sleeve.

Available for heating and cooling as well
as in the brass or V4a version.



Safe stop for sensors

Our thermowells are available in brass and stainless steel V4a.

Available in lengths from 100 to 1,500 mm.

Remote-reading thermometer


Installed and still in view

Sometimes the tank has to be installed "hidden"  - this is where our remote Thermometers with a measuring line legth of 1,000 or 1,500 mm and snap locks on the housing help.


Impressed current anode


Elegant alternative to the sacrificial anode

Foreign current anodes are mainly used in enameled containers. If damage to the coating occurs there, the permanent current flow prevents the removal of steel.

Magnesium rod anode


Classic, easy, cheap

Enamelled storage requires additional protection. Our rod anodes can be exchanged easily and quickly.


Magnesium chain anode


When things get tight

The new anode is too long and there is
simply no room to screw it in? Our flexible
chain anode helps!

External control cabinet "power protection"


Electricitiy for heating elements

For switching of 3 power levels, max. 50 kW total/max. 20 kW per switching stage.

Locking screws with flat collar


Flat thing

When using the neck insulation set,
square closures are often too tall and
prevent proper attachment of the insulation. These allen screws are available in gunmetal/brass and stainless steel.

Screw-in spray tube - plastic


Layers for efficiency

Storage tanks can be retrofitted with
a stratification for Incoming water. Suitable
for service water.

Intermediate flange


More possibilities

The intermediate flanges are available in stainless steel and enamelled in several dimensions, including a set of screws for the smaller side, so that the smaller heating
flange fits on the large hand holes.


Copper finned tube heat exchanger


Create subsequent options

By means of finned tube heat
exchangers, new heat sources can
also be integrated later.

... and much more!