cold insulation

Synthetic rubber insulation

Systhetic rubber insulation is used for our cold tanks.
Tailored to the respective tank and its requirements, we attach the insulation precisely to the tank.

It is a highly flexible, closed-cell insulation material with high water vapor resistance and low thermal conductivity. The material consists of elastomeric foam (FEF, according to EN 14304) based on synthetic rubber.

Special meterial notes:

Self-adhesive coating: pressure-sensitive adhesive coating on modified acrylate basis with grid structure. Cover made of polyethylene film. The protective film of the adhesive layer of self-adhesive closures may contain traces of silicone.


Insulation and protection of pipes, air ducts and containers (including pipe bends, fittings, flanges) in refrigeration and air conditioning systems as well as process engineering systems for preventing condensation and for energy saving and insulation of pipes in sanitary and heating systems.

Insulation process for illustration