charging station / charging tanks

Charging stations and matching stainless steel tanks


Charging stations are used to load a hot water tank - either from an upstream buffer tank or directly from the heat generator. If the temperature drops below the set temperature, the charging cycle is started. If the temperature at the heat source is insufficient, a request is made to the heat generator via a potential-free contact. The charging Systems
of unitec Energietechnik GmbH offer the perfect solution especially for systems with high short-term peaks.

The built-in speed-controlled high-efficiency pumps ensure a low return temperature to the heat generator or buffer
Depending on requirements, two stations can be switched in cascades. Thanks to the innovative structure of the stations, the plate heat exchanger cools down within seconds. This leads to a massive reduction of the calcification problem.

This system allows a large amount of hot water at the desired time, which can be used by the consumer. This simple switchover means that the heat generator can be made significantly smaller and does not have to be
able to fully cover the peak times - this saves money and protects the environment!

  • high heat transfer performance and constant hot water temperatures
  • efficient circulation Operation for low power consumption
  • plug and play (the charging Station is already pre-assembled)
  • heatable with any heat source


  • high heat transfer performance
  • high bulk output
  • constant hot water temperature
  • efficient circulation operation
  • plug and play (charging station pre-assembled)
  • easiest operation
  • little need for space
  • easy maintenance through external plate heat exchanger
  • hygienically perfect water
  • heatable with any heat source
  • optional: circulation and electric heating
    via control charging station

Charging tank

Hot water storage

  • material 1.4571 (V4a)
  • operating pressure 6/10 bar
  • acid-treated in a pickling bath and passivated
  • charging socket with spray distribution
  • circulation connection with layer device
  • 2 pcs. elbow pipes for warm and cold water


  • 1 piece Ø120/180 for e-inserts
  • 1 piece Ø170/240 for cleaning


  • type 500 - 1000: 130 mm polyester fiber fleece
    with polystyrene casing silver gray
  • type 1500 - 2000: 160 mm polyester fiber fleece
    with polystyrene casing silver gray

Equipment (for 115 kW and 190 kW)

C.M.I. Datalogger

  • remote maintenance of CAN bus devices
  • data management function / OS Management
  • plant visualization via PC, smartphone, tablet
  • data logging via CAN bus or DL bus
  • event-triggered notifications by e-mail


  • Modbus RTU interface
  • configurable as master or slave
  • output 64 values to the Modbus
  • 64 Read in values from the Modbus
  • M-Bus interface for reading additional meters


  • connection to KNX
  • 64 Output values to the KNX
  • 64 Read in values from the KNX

Injection circuit

  • mounting set incl. glands
  • regulating valve
  • insulation shell

Mounting set

  • 2 reducers (brass)
  • 2 connecting cables
  • 3 hexagon screws
  • 3 washers
  • synthetic rubber insulation tube
LX500478 liter
LX800855 liter
LX1000985 liter
LX15001442 liter
LX20002069 liter
   performance station kW
up to 115 kW
up to 190 kW