Loading with combined heat power plant

The combined heat and power plant (short CHP unit) is a variant of combined heat and power, in which at the same time electrical power and usable heat are obtained. Mini-CHPs are currently not very widespread (private household use), but large CHPs in the commercial sector are used more often. Especially biogas plants enjoy great popularity. To simplify the illustration, we will show you a scheme of a Mini-CHP unit below.
In essence, the CHP unit works as follows:

An internal combustion engine, which is connected to a power generator, burns various fuel (oil, gas, pellets, wood chips). The power generator converts the generated energy into electricity. The waste heat generated by the internal combustion engine is used via plate and exhaust gas heat exchangers to heat heating and domestic water.
The generated electricity or the generated heat, is used for the respective object (small apartment building up to large buildings). Any residual current runs in the public power grid.

Very simplified presentation without any technical installations and details!

Advantages of the CHP unit

  • economically profitable - for residential buildings about 6 - 15% return and a payback period of about 10 years
  • there are various government funding opportunities
  • electricity and heat are generated at the same time! Less electricity must be purchased or residual electricity can be sold
  • weather independent (not like photovoltaic systems)
  • automated modern technology, quiet operating noise

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